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A Twilight Movie Review

Twilight movie is one of the newest films that have its theme based on the book that has been written by Stephanie Meyer who is also featured in precisely the exact same film. It was actually released from the Philippines way back in November of 2009 and it stars such film stars as Robert Pattison as Edward and Kristen steward who is featured as Bella. Since its production it’s been doing very well as its own casting is trendy enough that one can easily derive the theme and meaning of the film. Different in the Edward(principal vampire personality) introduced in the publication who appears to be confident, ideal and cool at all the times, Edward from the movie is quite anxious and appears uncomfortable at all times. But as the movie proceeds, he appears to be moved closer to Bella simply because of her behavior through the film. nazca lines tour

Despite the stage that Edward is a vampire, this did not really stop Bella from falling in love with him, something that most people will be interested with when watching the movie. In a normal situation, you may realize that once a person come to find out about the wicked deeds practiced by the person you love, their relationship will come to an abrupt end, however the producer of this movie/ tackles this otherwise. Bella nonetheless dreams of Edward each night despite having learned about his impureness and so many other wicked deeds.


The manufacturer of this twilight movie also uses the audio during the movie very well. The provision of lullaby tunes for Bella is absolutely amazing as it adds to the uniqueness of the film production from additional common movie manufacturing. The manufacturer of this fantastic film uses two very important facet of fashions; suspense and love which eventually bring out the top quality production which makes one great movie you’ll never need to miss. Therefore in case you really wish to enhance all that you’re studying in the twilight publication, then you should actually watch this fantastic movie made by a renowned producer from the Philippine picture fashion. Watching the Twilight movie will constantly make you want to watch more from this fantastic producer since it pushes one to the edge of your seat. New Moon(Twilight two) has also released and promises to continue where this initial film leaves off

Twilight Movie Characters

I saw The movie Twilight until I read the books. I loved them both and in the process of watching and reading I came to really enjoy a few of the characters. Here are my favorite Twilight movie characters. I dropped a little bit in love with Edward when I watched the movie and much more when I read the books. While I say this a lot of people believe I mean Robert Pattison, ” but that isn’t true, it is the character that I love (and yes I understand he is not real). I think I like him so much since he is so intimate. He is attracted toward Bella, yet is trying to control himself. GotId adore a guy with self control. Victoria: Victoria’s character is indeed intriguing. She doesn’t play a huge role in the first film, but last observed where she is watching Edward and Bella dancing then turns around with this wicked grin on her face is attractive and provides me the creeps. My favorite of this Cullens (besides Edward). She is the most controlled of the Cullen “kids” and you just can’t help liking her. She’s so cute. Jacob Black: I have to acknowledge Jacob became one of my favorite characters after I Read the publication series. He’s just such a regular man, and he enjoys Bella so much. It’s almost heartbreaking.

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Twilight scenes

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